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  • Plumbing Renovations

  • Gas Renovations

  • Water Lines Replacement

  • Poly-B Replacement 

  • Tankless Water Heaters

  • Custom Bathroom Renovations

  • Custom Bathrooms 

  • Plumbing Infrastructure

  • Plumbing Fixture Installations

  • Plumbing Ground Works

  • Plumbing Rough In 

  • Plumbing Final Fixture Installations

  • Water Lines Installation

  • Hot Water Tanks

  • Tankless Water Heaters

  • Gas Lines (Gas-fitting)


  • Basic Repairs

  • Plumbing Maintenance 

  • Hot Water Tanks

  • Tankless Water Heaters


Our work, our passion



Mountain Dog Plumbing Service Philosophy


Mountain Dog Plumbing prides itself on giving the highest level of customer service.  Whether you have a plumbing emergency or are renovating your entire home, we promise to work with you to come up with a satisfactory outcome at an affordable price and on schedule. Customer service is our number 1 priority and we work hard to ensure our customers are completely satisfied.


When our plumbing professional arrives you'll find him to be accommodating and friendly. He wipes his feet on his own mat and wears shoe covers before he comes into your home. He will listen carefully and will give you all the options and pricing details before he starts any work.

Why Mountain Dog Plumbing is based on these values:

  • Treating others as we would like to be treated.

  • Listening carefully to capture clearly everything the customer is saying.

  • Making commitments we are able to keep.

  • Working with the customer to come up with the best option at the most affordable price.

  • Communicating openly and with purpose to ensure clarity.

  • Being open and honest all the time.

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About Alex
Originally born in Mexicali, Mexico, Alex came to Canada after marrying Allie, a
Canadian.  During their first few years together, they travelled all over the world
including Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia and India. The couple moved to Langley
BC in 2010 and have never looked back. 

When they decided to settle down and start their careers, they did the one thing
they had both always wanted to do – get a dog.  Gronk is a 5 year old Bernese
Mountain dog with a gentle and friendly disposition. Alex and Allie take Gronk
everywhere. He is without doubt, a member of this family!  Because of Alex’s
love of dogs and especially because of Gronk, when Alex decided to open his
plumbing business, the name “Mountain Dog Plumbing” was a natural fit.

Alex loves cooking, especially plant based foods, and has created many
delicious recipes.  You can follow him on Instagram @AlexVego81.  The couple
are often seen hiking in the BC mountains with their dog or tending their
enormous vegetable garden in their backyard. They love taking Gronk with them
where ever they go, including the many dog friendly breweries and cafes in
Langley and the Fraser Valley.

Alex always works hard to build strong relationship with his clients by giving them
excellent service and quality work at a reasonable price. Give him a call - you
won’t be disappointed.
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Mountain Dog Plumbing

Mountain Dog Plumbing Center

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(604) 626-2664

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